Make your home feel joyful! 

Our new collection of home accessories at Jasmine and Jade Interiors is all about adding joy to your home, whether it's through beautiful statement pieces or something more subtle.

We have everything from gorgeous home accessories, en-trend boho decor, quirky lighting and unique artwork to boys and girls room decor and amazing gifts, so there's something for everyone!

You’ve created a lovely home, filled with stunning and practical pieces. But there’s something missing—a sense of joy.
You want your home to feel like a place where you can relax and let go of the stress from your life and work.

To achieve this, add colour into the equation by selecting the right colours for your space. A good way to get started is by picking out colours that are already present in one piece of furniture or another in your house. If you have a blue couch, choose paint colours that complement it--for example, soft blues or greens will work well with this shade of blue (though it's important to note that different shades within each colour family tend not to go together). Similarly, if there's a bright red area rug on the floor near where you spend most of your time...


These colourful, eye-catching chandeliers have been carefully crafted from toughened glass and are available in a myriad of colours. From white glass shades with black fittings to cognac glass with silver metal or emerald glass and gold.

They look great in any modern or traditional interior and will give your room a beautifully warm glow. 

The design is simple but effective. 

Beautiful Gold Hourglass

The hourglass is a traditional symbol of time. It’s also a beautiful decoration to have in your home or office.

Choose from white or black sand and a
30 or 60 minute timer

Jasmine and Jade Interiors brings you stunning and unusual home accessories which turn your home into something very special... Luxury home decor at affordable prices!

Our collection of home accessories, lighting, artworks, home fragrance and children’s decor is unique. Each item has been carefully chosen to bring joy to your life through its beauty or functionality.

We are constantly searching for new ideas - so keep checking back to see our latest finds!