What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa and American Express  We also accept payment by PayPal  Apple Pay or Amazon Pay. If you decide to use either of these two methods, you’ll be taken to either the PayPal or Amazon Pay website, where you’ll be prompted to log in and process your payment. You’ll then be directed back to our merchant website once your transaction is complete.

Why is my payment being declined?

There are several reasons why a payment can be denied.

Please know that your bank or our payment provider authorizes or denies a payment.

For privacy reasons banks usually don't give details about payments, however, we would like to share some common causes of declined payments:

  • The card has Insufficient funds or has reached its limit
  • The credit or debit card information is incorrect
  • CVV mismatch
  • The credit card is expired
  • You are making an international purchase and your card is not supported
  • Your card has been previously reported as stolen
  • Your purchase triggered fraud protection
  • Your country is not supported by Speedy Koala payment providers
  • Your payment attempts have been refused by your payment provider

If you are sure your card information is correct, please try again later! There might be a communication error or a technical problem, but please don't try it more than 2 or 3 times because the payment server can detect it as a threat and block payments for a long period of time. If your payment is declined after the second attempt, please contact your bank.

What do I do if my credit card is not accepted?

There are several reasons why your credit card may not be accepted. We suggest you try the following: Verify your credit card number and expiry date, confirm you are using your credit and not your debit card, and check that you haven't exceeded your transaction limit. If, after exploring these possible causes, your card is still not accepted, either use an alternate card or contact your financial institution.

Do you offer COD (Cash on Delivery)?

Sorry but we do not offer Cash on Delivery as our payment option at the time.